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To qualify to be an Automation Academy franchisee, you will need to possess a minimum area of 800 to 1000 sq feet (self owned or rented) in a quiet and tranquil locality. The premises should have independent access, attached toilet facilities and should be well ventilated.

MODE OF OPERATION   :   With Training Lab   &   Without Training Lab


The initial investment will be in the range of INR 6, 00,000. The initial investment would be towards lab set up and equipment cost and would include the start up franchisee.


The initial investment will be in the range of INR 1, 00,000 towards Franchisee Fee to start up franchisee. The students trained at the Franchisee centers will be provided practical lab training at Automation Academy franchisees having lab facilities.

Selected franchisee will undergo an extensive induction program on the business strategies for owning and operating a successful Training Institute. In addition the franchisee staff members will receive initial training from the Technical Trainer at Automation Academy on the curriculum and the delivery methods.
But the fundamental requirement to be an Automation Academy franchisee is the commitment to be a leading provider of Automation engineering and technology based education merging corporate culture globally to the youth through technology resourcing and knowledge consulting with emerging technologies.


To receive information about Automation Academy franchisee opportunity, please provide us with the following information or call +91 4954010135 to speak to a franchising team member.

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 1. Where Can I start a franchisee?

Ans: Any location of your choice but not within 15 Km of the existing Training Institute.

2. What kind of technical training I will receive as a Franchisee?

Ans: Training to your faculty members will be given in order to enable them to conduct the batches also a training program for up skilling the technical team will be conducted from time to time.

3. What are the responsibilities of a Franchisee?

Ans: As an Automation Academy franchisee you will be responsible for the following: � Investment to set up the training centre as per the specifications of Automation Academy. � Manage and operate the centre on daily basis. � Follow standard operations procedure and conduct training as per Academy guidelines. � Create good student word of mouth by offering good quality training � Generate business through multiple marketing activities in local area.

4. Who will build my centre? Can I use my existing centre?

Ans: We will help you build your centre; you can use your existing setup provided it is as per Automation Academy Specifications.

5. Can I own more than one Franchisee? Ans: Yes, depending upon your performance you can open another Automation Academy franchise in any location provided it is available for a new center

6. Who enforces quality at Automation Academy?

Ans: Automation Academy is ISO 9001:2008 certified company, so it works according to quality management system. Along with that, Automation Academy has a comprehensive Quality management Program that provides continual improvement in centre operations and deliver student satisfaction.

7. How do I start a Automation Academy Franchise?

Ans: The following are the steps for starting an Automation Academy franchisee in your city

� Fill an application form along with all required documents

� First meeting at Head Office

� Visit one centre to understand the business

� Sign MOU � Site visit

� Signing agreement

� Start Centre

8. Will I be trained to run an Automation Academy Franchisee?

Ans: Yes, we will provide training on A-Z of education business. We will also equip you with the latest marketing, branding, technology, training, recruitment and other trends regularly.

9. What is the infrastructure required to set up Automation Academy franchisee?

Ans: The Franchise shall make available ready premises having built up area of 800 to 1000 sq. ft, for installing the lab and training room under the scheme. The premises should be equipped with all basic amenities as per guidelines.

10. What is the time duration of Franchisee agreement?

Ans: Franchisee agreement shall be valid for one year from the date of signing. The performance of the centre shall be reviewed before granting any extension in the contract.

11. Who will issue the certificates to the trainees?

Ans: On completion of successful training, the candidates shall be issued a certificate with a unique code number jointly by Automation Academy and Franchise.

12. What is the USP of Automation Academy?

Ans: Automation Academy is the First ever Low Voltage Systems Training Institute in Kerala. Our Unique features are job based training for Professionals and Technicians, extensive training programs (classes are held 6 days a week), and uninterrupted franchise support including advertisements in electronic and print media at the cost of the Franchisee

13. What marketing supports do you provide?

Ans : Our marketing support includes regular advertisements in the leading national and regional newspapers, planning and guidance for local area marketing, supplying designs for marketing materials, conducting and participating in seminars, education fairs etc.

14.What is the BEP? When will I get back my investment?

Ans : With proper dedication , you can expect it within 12-14 months.

15 .How much time do I have to devote in this business?

Ans: To optimize your profitability, you have to work with dedication. You will have to personally devote time and best efforts to the day- to- day operation

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