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Professional Certification Programs

Automation Academy is a Training Academy working to bridge the skill gap between Industries & Engineering graduates and professionals. We train students/professionals in Automation skills that can help them in securing their path to success. Automation Academy provides quality education in the field of automation & control systems that are being installed across industries. The course material is designed in such a way that helps students in acquiring knowledge of these systems and use revolutionary thinking to keep the productivity and profitability high. This course is designed for the fresh engineering graduates those are keen to have a challenging career in the world of automation systems. This course covers basic details of the low voltage systems like lighting control, BMS, CCTV, Access control, Intrusion alarm system, networking, Audio visual, home automation systems etc. This will make it possible for you to secure a decisive competitive edge by allowing you and your company to react faster to continually changing market demands.

Courses Offered

  • AACE – Automation Academy Certified Engineer

Three months duration course designed for engineering graduates preferably from Electrical and electronics background. This course gives a foundation for the students in system designing, installation & commissioning aspects of various Automation systems and lead them to world class career in Automation world. They can get in to various careers like Project engineers, System Designers, Programmers, Commissioning engineers , Quantity Surveyors etc.

  • AACT � Automation Academy Certified Technician

Three months duration course designed for technically certified people preferably from Electrical and electronics background. This course gives an introduction for the students in cabling, installation, termination, testing , trouble shooting, working & maintenance of automation systems. Qualified students can get in to various careers like installation technicians, supervisors, commissioning technicians etc.


Automation Academy has uniquely developed advanced training and certifications in automation and control systems that help course participants from all over the world build and improve their expertise in this highly rewarding professional area. Upon successful completion of the complete course , students will be entered in to the final exam, once they pass the main examination students will be awarded the course certificate. along with the certificate Automation academy will provide you a professionally written CV for you explaining the updated details about the automation certification you have successfully completed.

Program Features  
  • The Automation Academy programs differentiate itself through expert-led training. The curriculum is developed in conjunction with working professionals, and delivered by qualified instructors and practiced experts within the fields of discipline.
  • Our technical team use their numerous years of experience to ensure that students receive authoritative information on the success and challenges of applying course concepts to real-world customer situation.
  • Students will have interaction sessions with experienced professional from various parts of the world

World-Class Facilities

  • Classrooms are provided with computers, internet connection etc.
  • Course materials are provided in both hardcopies and soft copies.
  • All the theory sections are explained with video tutorials, pictures, schematic diagrams etc with the help of projectors/ LED displays

Placement Assistance

Automation Academy is associated with many Automation companies in various parts of the world. we are in constant touch with them for placement and training related activities. we are happy to  provide you with the all possible assistance in getting started with your career in  your preferred field of automation.
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